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Drift - Snowmaking additive - The Word's getting out!

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About Aquatrols 

Since 1954 Aquatrols has been the world leader in the development of cutting-edge surfactants for the green industry. In 2001 we brought our surfactant expertise to the snowmaking industry to improve snowmaking productivity and offer the industry a choice.

Aquatrols offers the snowmaking industry a unique, easy to handle and cost efficient surfactant based additive that benefits the snowmaking process by widening the window of conditions for making snow and enhancing the resulting snow product.

Today, snowmaking managers across the United States and Canada are using Aquatrols surfactant based snowmaking additive to increase productivity and snow quality while at the same time reducing costs and inconvenience.


“With DRIFT, I could make quality snow at temperatures where I shouldn’t have been able to make snow at all. We made lots of snow and it was good quality.”

                                                                                          Sean Murphy, Asst Dir Mtn Ops
                                                                                    Bear Valley Mountain Resort, California


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Drift is certificated in the European Union

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