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Drift - Snowmaking additive - The Word's getting out!

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What is Drift 

  • Higher Quality Snow at Less Cost
  • Snow Grooms Better and Is Drier and Fluffier

Drift is a patented snow making additive. Drift improves snowmaking efficiency and volume and is easier to use than other snowmaking products.

Drift benefits snowmakers in two ways. First, it breaks down the natural cohesive tendencies of water, releasing the inherent surface tension and heat. This allows water to form and flow as a mass of flatter/thinner droplets each having a greater surface area.

As a result, these droplets  freeze  more rapidly and  thoroughly as they are blown into the cold air - allowing more particles  to  form in the air and fall on the slope. Drift  can  improve  water  flow by 3-5% - a 0,5-1 degree C gain in wet bulb temperature.

Secondly, because of the effect that  Drift  has on water, a higher ratio of water to air can be used - reducing energy costs and increasing snow volumes - thus increasing your mountain's profitability.


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Drift is certificated in the European Union

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